Why video?

A common misconception among brides is that having both photos and video is overkill. Perhaps a friend or family member can just record it on their phone? Others decide they want video, but don't prioritize it in their budget.

The truth is that a full 98% of couples surveyed in a variety of online polls recommend the inclusion of video when planning a wedding. Of course, this is no surprise. An expert knows what to record and has the technical and creative knowhow to capture the day's fast-paced events and edit them into a beautiful wedding film. 

There are many reasons to hire an established, professional videographer for your wedding. Though you will both remember this day forever, you'll also miss many of the day's meaningful moments if a professional isn't there to capture them.

A wedding film enables you to see:

  • Bride, groom, parents and wedding party preparation 
  • The groom and your wedding party, walking down the aisle
  • Emotional reactions of family and friends during the ceremony
  • Cocktail party action during post-ceremony photoshoot
  • Your wedding party's grand entrance to the reception (including any surprise choreography)
  • Countless memorable guest activities while you're eating, greeting and welcoming

Believe it or not, you will forget many of the details from the day you say "We do." An emotionally-driven wedding film ensures a timeless reflection of your special day, and the loved ones who shared it with you.